Kln is "Cologne" in French, it is the birthplace of Cologne water.
This is an art work which cements a bicycle. It looks like a part of this town.
People use this tram, "U Bern" and the bicycle all the time.
Kln's beer is in this long thin glass, cold, fresh and tasty !! The barman will give you a new one when you finish it.
You see this "banana" designed by Warhol, at the entrance of every art gallery. It means the town is filled with "banana".
All signs at the shops are simple in Germany. See this post office.
Bars are filled with people, having fun till late at night. This Sanctuary in Kln watches over the people.
This is, of course, the shop for wines.

Arts in the city

It's so fun to find out new things when you walk in towns.
Osaka city, Tokyo city, Kyoto, Nara, some far cities abroad ....
Show flutter and magical arts we found in those cities. Imagine yourself taking a walk with us, and have fun.
translated by Mayuko Mori