Museam Voor Volkankunde Rotterdam

Rotterdam is young city becouse it's population will be 40% younger peple than 24 years old at 2005. Here is famous harbor in Holland. This museam is billded up by harbor. By the look of the building, it is classic. But their activty is going with the tide of the times. It's blow win inside temporary space exhibition "Palace of Travel", children can go to trip many countries and they use every sence ,they can study many country's culture with play. Whan they go to Rotter dam sqare, suddenly some actors start play to explain about that exhibition. After children go to mini museum that hide door of "Palace of Travel: Magic Land". through the exhibition , children can visit Indnasia,Morcco, Trky,Holland and so on. There is many situation about kichen, school, caffeteria,living room ,and so on. Children get ticket for trip (look like real) and can see inside refrigerator touch many goods.... Children is Rotterdam but they can go to many countries.

Museum Voor Volkankunde Rotterdam willemskade 25 3016 DM Rotterdam tel.010-411-2201 Open / Tuesday-Friday 10:00a.m.-17:00p.m. Saturday,Sunday,Holiday 11:00a.m.-17:00p.m. Close/ April 30th, December 25th, January 1st Admission / before 3age fee,4-15age 4Gl. Aadult 7.5Gl. trip program Admission 4Gl.

National Rotterdam Museum has been closed till the end of November, 2000. The space including for children will be renewed for bigger. Well, it will take a little bit time for that, but we hope the new turn. tel:0031102707172 fax:0031102707


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translated by Mayuko Mori and Nobuko Foss