Guests for this month

Various guests are visiting IDEA each month.
Showing our friendship expanding from IDEA.

translated by Nobuko Foss and Mayuko Mori

  Sachiko Lee
born in Hyogo. When she was child she lived in Kyoto. Everyday she could eat fresh seafood, but she don't like raw food. Now she is volunteer coordinator in KIDS PLAZA. Her specialty is memorizing volunteer name and number. Theaseday she think if she had specialty of memorizing when she was student ,she have happy life more than now.
  Taeko Sakai
She organize handmade nursery studys"DOYOU CLUB". That concept is every children come here!!Let's enjoy make new friend and find new thing! and open is every second Saturday in a month. From now, she is concerned Adventure playground in Sakai city. She is eager to make very fun ground.
  Yasuhiko Tsutsumi
Born in Tokyo, 1965. I loved to watch the TV program, "Mitsubishi Diamond Soccer" every week. My dream was to become a famous soccer player, so I always played football with my long hair (that is an important point) when I was a kid. I started listening to jazz all the sudden when I got in high school. I loved S.Rollins and A.Ayler. I played the sax and was a member of some band. Now, thinking of my child who was just born in this spring, I listen to Hawaiian music at home.
S e p t e m b e r
A p r i l
  Megumu Tanigawa
Born and grew up in Osaka, 1973. Mother desired earnestly to start on a decent life, so I tried to get in graduate school, but gave up for my study. I changed my major from art to philosophy, but it was too hard!!?? I went to Art school, IMI after that, and enjoyed my life. However, I felt that pressure even more from my mother and wondered what I should. Then, this might be a fate!! I am working at a big ban as a director of the theater and trying my best here.
J u l y
  Mayuko Mori
I have been working at the Intermedium Institute Art School as an assistant since I graduated from there. I also go to another college to learn Psychology. Of course, I am working, too..... I help Idea translate from Japanese to English. Recently I helped at a workshop for kids in a museum thank to Ms. Otsuki. I had a wonderful time!! Well, my theme for studying is outsider art. Hopefully, I can go to graduate school next year either in the U.S. or Japan.
  Suaki Kimura
Living in Hyogo. Graduate student at Otemae University. Concentration in Art history, Early modern art. My parents' works are related with art, and I rejected to follow the same way. But now I devote myself to Art.... I love funny ugly toys.
J u n e
  Tomoko Kamata
Born in Kobe, Living in Nagaokakyoshi, Kyoto. Graduate student at Osaka University of Education. Concentration in Art Education School just started, but since it takes 2 hours to go to school, I tend not to go ..... Having "No life and No music", I love Bjork!!
  Chiharu Akaboshi

Live in Tokyo.Editor and Writer. I write articles as well as planning and editing books. The theme ,"Beauty of people's living" attracts me most privately and professionally. I focus on the interest of people's performance in all ages and countries through my idea, activities and works. The subject could be professors, specialists, artists and kids who join workshop as well as elderly people. I make my best effort to write articles easy if it is too complicated, understandable if very important, or more wonderful if I feel strange attractive. I develop my activity more and more. If you are interested in my works and offer me to work, contact me!
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