You see these kinds of toys are sold in each at Children's museums, aquariums, and natural history of museums in the US and UK. However, you can find them in wholesale stores here in Osaka. It costs 1950 yen! We got this at Osaka Children's Conveyance Inc.. Probably you see this kind of Lottery in "Cheap confections shops". You can draw a prize.


Showing new, fun, strange, and dear toys

translated by Mayuko Mori


Crush Eye
It looks like a jelly. Good looking When you throw the eye very hard to the flat ground, it looks crushed. Then, it goes back to the original round eye gradually. It is a very very strange but a real!? scene. You can find this Crush Eye at toy shop for about 400 yen. Here in Matsuyamachi, you get it for 100 yen. If you buy 10, it costs only 800 yen. Shops:Ningyo-no-momohide/Osaka kodomo norimono co. Address:4-12 Matsuyamachi Chuo-ku Osaka,542-0067

The slime used to be green yellow when we were kids. This mysterious creature, "Magdoron", which comes from a crack of the layer on the magnetic dimension, is black with gold glitter. It tries to eat it, (Well, because of the iron powder) when you bring a magnet near the creature. Colors, Quality, Moving...This slime is definitely best ! There are three other kinds like the ancient creature besides this universal one. Price is 739yen. Sales agency: Bandai Co. Shops:Arakawa Co. Address: 1-20 Matsuyamachi Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0067

=APENDIX=recipe how you make the slime easily at home
1)PVA detergent 2)Water 3)Boric acid 4)Paints, Glitter, Iron powder 5)Film case x3 6)A Cup
a:Pour 1) and 2) into each film case separately. When you want to put the color on, put 4) to 2) a little bit.b:Pour 80% of water into the other film case. Then, make a saturated solution, adding the boric acid little by little. c:Put a) in a cup completely. d:Pour b) to c) little by little and mix them until you feel the solidity. Have fun with your mysterious slim!!!