Hiroko Ohtsuki Profile


Hiroko Ohtsuki

Born in Kurashiki, Okayama, 1956
Representative director for IDEA inc.Museum Education Planner.
Producer for Osaka prefectural children's museum, "big ban" .
Judge of "a good design prize".
Member of museum educational society.
Member for the society of museum problems' study

Planning for various workshops like "The Museum Exhibition of the end of 20C" like "living in the city-houses built on limited land" etc as a producer at Itabashi ward museum. Founded IDEA inc. later. Planning for opening museum, developing educational program, and producing those kits.

BOOKS "wakuwaku museum-86 museums over the world to grow children's creativity" Published: Fujin Seikatsusha"
SUPERVISOR CD-ROM "Workshop Lab" Editing: museum media society Published: Dainippon Insatsu Award for the "best contents of the year" Section for the packing at "MPU award"

COLLABORATON CD-ROM "Museum Education 1969-1994 Record of 18 museums of the educational activities at Japanese Public Museums" Editing: Museum Educational Society Published: Dainippon Insatsu

Preparation for opening museum  
1986-8 Children's section at Fujisawa city shounandai culture center and workshop  
1988 "Nihon Television Museum" working staff  
1996-8 a member of a committee for the management of Osaka prefectural children's museum, "Big Ban"
  consultant for opening "the children's center for the oriental land maihama project(temporary title)"  
1998-9 vice-chairman of the committee for the preparation of the Osaka prefectural children's museum, "Big Ban"  
Consultant for the Museum Management  
1990-1 a planning advisor of educational diffusion for opening "Tokyo metropolitan photo museum" and "Image design museum"  
1995-6 a member of the investigative committee for "Yamagata prefectural museum"a member of the investigative committee for planning "Iwaki city 21c plaza(temporary titled)  
1996 an advisor for planning " museum(temporary titled)  
1997 a consultant for planning "Maeda sculpture museum(temporary titled)"
a member of the investigative committee for "Tanba Shinoyama children's museum(temporary titled)"
1998 a member of the investigative committee for "Kure city maritime affairs museum(temporary titled)"  
Other Products  
1990 planning, designing, and producing the printed matter like the kit and the pamphlet for "Mind with playing Exhibition" at Setagaya museum
1991-2 planning, designing and editing of the educational activities' kit and teachers' guide for "the Guggenheim museum collection" at Saison museum
1995 panning and producing the text sheet for "Spiral art garden #2/#3 -take a walk with artistic time"  
1996 planning and editing of the database for museums in Japan for CD-ROM magazine, "Degipre"(gakushuukennkyuusha)  
1997-8 planning and editing CD-ROM, "Workshop Lab"(Dainippon Insatsu)
Planning and operation of Workshops  

"the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sponsored: Joint Workshop for Art students in Japan and Thailand

"Yokohama women's forum: The ideal table children suggest"

  "Meguro ward museum: Decoration of face and body" "Meguro ward museum: Next and Next Story"
  "Kokubunji city: Workshop to see the life of Mother and Child"  
  "Setagaya ward culture and life information center: Make a book, "Sangenjaya" "Setagaya ward culture and life information center: Hour map for hundred people"
5/1995 "Spiral art garden #3 What kind of form is in your mind?"  
9/1995 "Itabashi ward museum: All about of Kanou Seisein Osanobugallery talk for children"  
9/1995-1997 Coordinator for "Workshop subcommittee" at Museum Media Society(Dainippon Insatsu)  
12/1997 "ARCUS-all can be artists-decorating the winter trees with shining Origami"(Ibaragi prefecture)

"Itabashi ward museum: museum for children gallery talk and workshop"
1/1996 and 10/1996 "ARCUS-Suggestion! Art in our town"(Ibaragi prefecture)  
8/1997 "Mie prefectural museum: gift from the ocean, gift from the mountain"(Mie prefectural museum)
translated by Mayuko Mori