Works of Akio Hizume

3. Democracy Steps
(c)1997 Akio HIZUME
Hocking Hills State Park,OHIO,U.S.A.

People have always made things regularly. Do you feel irritated since only one leg is tired when you step up or down on the gentle mountain path? It is very natural because the periodic staircase fits for only one person in the world, so to speak, "staircase for a dictator". That is why few people fit on these steps. "The democracy steps" are made by following the quasi-periodic rhythm, which have two kinds of the widths of the steps. Any type of people could have a balance between right and left legs for them. I made this work as a sculpture in the U.S. HIgher you ascend, less tires you feel. It is strange stairs. This staircase would be a world standard later. You could even make a mew music with this comfortable rhythm.