Works of Akio Hizume
4. MU-MAGARI No.4, BAMBOOHENGE: Six-Axes Chiral Lattice(c)1997 Akio HIZUME
You can make a space as you want when you thin out bamboo properly from Six-Axes Chiral Lattice, found in 1993. I made a big dome using 300 pieces of 2 m height. When you get into a space, you feel like being in a bird cage. Unexpectedly, the future house becomes like this. "MU-MAGARI" has the same six-axes as a Dodecahedron which is one of the Plato's regular polyhedron. You can think each direction six axes of orthogonal coordinates in 6 dimensional space. Tangent by two axes becomes 2, and it is not a right angle. But imagine it is in the 6 dimensional space. Then MU-MAGARI is just the shadow of 6 dimensional orthogonal coordinate system projected into the 3 dimensional space. We could only see this 6 dimensional space as a shadow. The shadow of 6D periodic system becomes quasi-periodic in the 3D space, and the 3D shadow is overflowing with the golden mean.