Establishing a museum
BIGBANG(1-9-1chayadai sakai-city Osaka), opening on June 23rd, 1999 planning of programs: mobile museum, workshops, related activities and development of the kits
"workshoplab" CD-ROM about the 22 various fields of workshops held in Japan Including of the fascination itself, concrete plans, and points of management
Development of the kits
"Art-touring" kit for Guggenheim museum development of the kit for "the Guggenheim museum colleciton" held in Saison Museum, 1991 packing 13 tools in one trunk, which we got a hint from one of the artist's work, for lending service to school
Development of the kits
kit for the advertisement at Setagaya museum producing the kit for the advertisement of "mind for playing" , at which you can touch works and play with them, and the sectional catalogue
Hour map for hundred people People living in Sangenjaya, people who care about Sangenjaya, people who is good or bad at taking a picture Shooting people at daily life in Sangenjaya at the various spots on November first in 1991 from 0 am to 0 pm.
works of Hiroko Ohtsuki

What is IDEA INC. doing?
1.planning and management of museum in hard and soft ware education programs in museums including childrens'
2.planning and operation for workshops art for kids
3.planning and production of educational tools(kits/books) for kids at museums
4.planning and editing of educational CD-ROM for studying children's museum in West Japan
6.planning, production, and operation for a mobile museum bank for museums inside and outside of Japan
8.planning and operation of the supporting project for NPO related with children
translated by Mayuko Mori