The museum,theme "Daily life and culture in the third world", started in 1974.They have a very uncommon way to exhibit there, for example, the exhibition space is constructed with real things brought from the original place. The preparation for the exhibition is unbelievable. The museum is closed for all staff to go on field survey.(It took 2 months for some exhibitions!!) All the stafffeel and experience the life of the third world, which brings more reality to the exhibition. Only a group which studies in advance at school can basically use this museum.Children expand their images by listening to the stories , and promote their interests. They are divided into groups like cooking, dancing and singing. Then, they change to the prepared folk costumes, including small accessories, and finally they join a "workshop". The program stimulates all kinds of senses like their smells, their tastes etc. Therefore, they can imagine they were in that land. You can not really believe what they do is instantly made. Participants can absorb the culture with body and soul due to the preparation given to the event.


TROPENMUSEUM-KINDER MUSEUM Linnaeusstraat 2 Postbus 95001 1090 HA Amsterdam Tel.020-5688-300 (group reservation only) URL


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translated by Mayuko Mori