Singapore Zoological Gardens

This is an "Open Zoo" which contains a natural environment so that animals can live as they are. One third of the 90ha with a big pond and the forest is for animals and the ratio of animals and plants in the area is same as of those in the natural environment. There are no such as fences on the border but water and plants act as a border there, and everybody looks comfortable. The orange-ish brown of the orangutan and the deep blue of the peacock's feather are so beautiful on the green carpet of grasses. They also offer the precious moment for us to have tactile contact with animals. There are animal shows four times a day. You can eat breakfast with orangutans or take a ride on elephants or camels. Another special highlight is "Night Safari" which is one of the biggest places-to-go for tourists. The Night Safari, which is located next to the zoo opening in 1994, is in the "Open zoo" with 40ha of rainforest to see the nocturnal animals. It only opens at night. When you stare at the darkness with very small lights, you can vividly see animals who sleep all the time during the hot day. It is a wonderful opportunities for people to experinece animlas this way in their natural environment.


Singapore Zoological Gardens 80, Mandai Lake Rord,Singapore 729826 Tel.269-3411 open: 8:30-18:00(Sunday: till 6:30) no holiday Night Safari 19:30-24:00) entrance children(3-12years old) 4S$, adults 9S$ Night Safari children 10S$,adult 15S$ URL


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translated by Mayuko Mori