Wellcome Museum

The museum we introduced before, located in London, is related to the medical and chemical exhibition space in the London science museum. The most interesting thing you will see here is " Science for Life" which has created a new exhibition space. "Met Studio" was requested from "Wellcome Trust", and produced it. The futuristic exhibitions space which is made of glasses and aluminum won various awards including "National Heritage Museum of the Year 93". The contents of the Exhibition has no collections at all, and consists of made-up exhibits, connects to lavatories. With museum staff, high school students who have applied for a program outside of school are undertaking various experiments such as 'DNA photocopy'. Visitors are able to see everything at the museum because only a handrail separates them from the students working on the experiments. The equipment in particular is beautiful in design, and definitely worth seeing. This experiment class is a demonstration for the visitors and at the same time an exhibit itself.

The Wellcome Centere for Medical Science 183 Eustin Road, London NW1 2BE Tel: 0171-611-8727 Open: 9:45-17:00 (Monday to Friday) 9:45-13:00 (Saturday) Closed: Sunday and National holidays

We introduced "Science for life" however the Wellcome Museum is temporarily closed and will reopen in Manchester Museum in March 2000, so if you'd like to see it, visit there.

Manchester Museum The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL Tel:0161-275-2634 URL http://www.museum.man.ac.uk/


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translated by Mayuko Mori