Mobile Museum

BIG BANG has a 3t truck. This is a " Mobile Museum ", which is filled with playing kits, designed by staff, such as " face-painting kits for 100 people ". We go out some place and hold a workshop outside. The truck changes to a exhibition space then. The exhibition theme is decided by BIG BANG annually. We started from " Recycle ", titled Gomibaco ( Trushcan ) last year. We showed garbage as posters with scan-talk. You could feel how strange we call all we throw out " Garbage ", even they used to have each name. You could touch actual gavage outside of the truck and feel what they were and how they used to be used. Children might get the different sense in a same place with those kits. It is a purpose for BIGBANG. They could think of their dairy life again and feel the greatness of the creativity and the discovery in the community including children themselves as well as adults. We plan to go out homes for the aged and outside of Osaka as well as a kindergarten and an elementary school.

Children's Museum BIG BANG
1-9-1, Chayamadai, Sakai-city, Osaka 599-0115 Tel 81-722-94-0999 Fax 81-722-94-0998 Open10:00-17:00 Closed on Monday ( If it is a national holdiay, it is closed on Tuesday )


We are very pleased to see museums we can discover new things.It doesn't matter if it is inside or outside of your country. We focus on and show museums abroad which you don't get too much chance to visit, and also new or unique ones in Japan.
translated by Mayuko Mori