Children's Museum BIG BANG

BIG BANG opened in Sakai, Osaka, July '99. The building, formed of Spaceship, is 10,000 square meters in are. It is 100,000 square meters in total. The huge area includes the part of the reproduction of the Osaka town in 50's as well as a kitchen, an atelier, an electric animal park etc. Some toys we collect more than 60,000 ( Edo era~70's ), are exhibited. All kinds of generations such as grandparents could enjoy there. There is children's theater with pretty good facilities for lights and sounds. It shows many different kinds such as " Chindonya " ( traditional loudly dressed street musicians employed for advertising purposes ), modern dance, and a show of Drug-Queen! Kids enjoyed face-painting with Drug-Queen and dressed up the costumes with a colorful make-up. They even joined the show. This was a good chance to think of the " Gender ". We created " the light town " with the 20,000 plastic bottles in the open space next to the building in the end of '99. We counted down the year with various events such as telling a story illustrated with huge picture cards, a pantomime, a shadow picture performance. These plans and productions were all hand made by our staff. We open almost 1 year and always have events and some workshop by staff and volunteer. We develop our original kits for children and offer space they could create their imagination under the cooperation with people living in this community. We couldn't fit only in the building and just went out the building with a truck!



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translated by Mayuko Mori

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Children's Museum BIG BANG
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